Airsoft Ballistics 90 Day Gearbox Warranty

Airsoft Ballistics 90 Day Gearbox Warranty
Airsoft Ballistics 90 Day Gearbox Warranty

This warranty is only valid if the AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) was purchased from Tactical Airsoft Guns.

The warranty period begins from the date of original purchase and the warranty is valid for 90 days. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the manufacturers defective gearbox components only. This warranty is voided if:

1.) Removal, modification or painting of safety markings (orange tip & warning stickers) takes place.

2.) Dis-assembly by any individual other then Tactical Airsoft Guns airsoft technicians.

3.) Unreasonable or excessive use, mishandling, abuse, and/or introduction of foreign matter into the inner components.

4.) The use of improper size, re-used, low quality/low grade, translucent, or BBs purchased from large discount stores or major retail sporting good chains. Ultimately it will be at Tactical Airsoft Guns sole discretion to determine what a quality BB is.

5.) Failure to comply with the instructions in the owners manual.

6.) Failure to provide proper care & maintenance. Ask us about our airsoft maintenance program.

7.) The use of any petroleum based lubricants or solvents will damage the AEG and constitutes abuse.

8.) Any modification or alteration to the guns internal or external components, unless done by a Tactical Airsoft Guns airsoft technician.

9.) The warranty only applies to the gearbox and all interior/exterior parts of the AEG.

10.) Tactical Airsoft Guns will repair the product under the warranty within 120 days from the original purchase as long as the warranty card has been filled out and returned to us. If Tactical Airsoft Guns cannot perform repairs covered under this warranty within 120 days, or after a reasonable number of attempts to repair the same defect, Tactical Airsoft Guns at its discretion will provide a replacement product.

11.) If the product is returned during the warranty period but the problem with the product is not covered under the terms & conditions of this limited warranty, the consumer will be notified and given an estimate of charges the consumer must pay to have the product repaired, with any and all shipping, packaging, & handling charges billed to the consumer, if the estimate is refused the product will be returned after the expiration of the limited warranty period with no further warranty applicable, Tactical Airsoft Guns normal service policies shall apply and the consumer will be responsible for all shipping charges.

12.) Warranty does not cover the shipping, packaging, & handling cost back to the customer, or any incidental or consequential damages caused during shipping. Tactical Airsoft Guns reserves the right to determine what constitutes unreasonable or excessive use of the AEG.