Airsoft Operation IED Road

Airsoft Operation IED Road
Airsoft Operation IED Road
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Welcome to Afghanistan!

One of the most important and dangerous jobs is route clearing, where specially trained soldiers find and destroy IED's on Afghanistan's roads so the rest of the military can get through.

In Afghanistan an Improvised Explosive Device, or IED is the number one killer of soldiers as well as civilians. Since the war began over 1,000 American soldiers have died from IED's.

Prepare yourself to enter the Taliban's backyard in order to locate and destroy IED's so other soldiers won't have to.

In Afghanistan a decade old war rages on. In the south is the birthplace of the Taliban and ground zero for the war on terror. This is where you will find yourself on a mission to clear a very important route and seek and destroy any IED's lingering in your path. Be sure to take care of your EOD's, medics, and lead elements as you could come under attack from terrorists or insurgents at any time.

Date: OVERNIGHT with afternoon and night scenario will take place August 1st to August 2nd, 2020.

Event Admission Cost: $15 per player until August 1st then admission goes up to $25 per player.

Meeting Location: Old Stage Stop gas station at 4155 West Outer Loop Rd Prescott, AZ 86305 (corner of Williamson Valley Rd and Outer Loop Rd).

GPS Coordinates of FOB: 34.687762, -112.636954.

Playing Field: The BadLands.


Meeting Time: 1245 Hours.

Roll Out Time: 1300 Hours.

ETA Arrival at FOB: 1315 Hours.

Soldiers Set up Their Camps: 1330 to 1415 Hours.

Soldiers Check In, Pay, and have the opportunity to gather supplies (located at the Airsoft Ballistics Munitions Canopy): 1415 to 1445 Hours.

US Forces Squad Set Up: 1445 to 1515 Hours.

US Forces Mission Briefing with Lead Elements: 1515 Hours

Soldiers Begin Their Daylight Operation: 1600 Hours.

Soldiers End Their Daylight Operation: 1800 Hours.

Chow Time and AAR: 1815 to 1915 Hours.

US Soldiers Prep for Their Night Operation: 1915 Hours.

Soldiers Begin Their Night Operation: 1945 Hours.

Playing Field: TBD

GPS Coordinates of FOB (Forward Operating Base): TBD


1.) Upon arrival to your FOB (Forward Operating Base) ALL soldiers are required to visit the Airsoft Ballistics munitions outlet for check in and chrono.

2.) All airsoft guns will be limited to semi-auto only or three round burst if equipped (only light and heavy machine guns will be allowed to shoot on full auto).

3.) Grenades are welcome, if smoke they must be cold burn - please read over the Airsoft Ballistics field rules for all rules regarding grenades of all kinds.

4.) US soldiers who have plate carriers will NOT be KIA on their first plate carrier hit, only on their second. The two hits to the plate carrier to NOT have to be consecutive.

5.) US soldiers who have helmets will NOT be KIA on their first helmet hit, only on their second. The two hits to the helmet to NOT have to be consecutive.

6.) When a US soldier is hit in a non KIA zone they must pretend to be wounded. For example if you are hit in the leg then you have to stop using that leg, have your fellow troops protect you until your medic can get to you or you can get to your medic.

7.) When a US soldier is wounded or KIA they need to get a medic, when the medic gets to them the medic should use the provided zip tie attaching the zip tie to the soldier. Zip ties may only be used once.

8.) US soldiers will get 2 to 4 medics. Medics will be appointed according to who pays to attend the event last (unless other players want to volunteer for the position).

9.) If a medic is wounded then that medic can use one of his zip ties on himself.

10.) If a medic is KIA then another medic has to put a zip tie on him in order to revive him.

11.) US soldiers medics will be provided with a certain number of zip ties.

12.) When a US soldier is KIA that soldier must remain where they are until a medic can get to them UNLESS in the event that they are comfortable with other soldiers dragging them to a different location - that means ACTUALLY dragging them through the dirt.

13.) US soldiers will meet and greet their lead elements prior to scenario play and will be divided into squads. There will be two platoons to protect the EOD's and the lead elements. There will be two EOD's and each EOD will get one rifleman to help watch his back while he searches for IED's with the provided metal detectors.

14.) Remember soldiers this is a war zone, predator drones might be providing added intel as you do your job so expect new missions to arrive at any time. This means you might have to leave your route clearing mission in order to complete a different more important mission then return to your route clearing mission.

15.) If there is a specific role anyone wants to play then these roles will be assigned on a first pay basis, meaning the first players who pay for the event get first choice on what role they will fill.

16.) Admission will go from $15 per player to $25 per player on August 1st, so the sooner you purchase your ticket the better (plus this will help us to have an idea of how many players will be attending as US soldiers and will also give us a better idea of how much cool stuff we can provide to make this event even better, such as smoke grenades, fireworks, vehicles, trailers, IED's and etc.