Airsoft Ballistics Rental Guns

Airsoft Ballistics Rental Guns
Airsoft Ballistics Rental Guns

One rental for one day's event will cost $35 and will consist of one airsoft AEG, two hi-cap magazines, one fully charged battery, one pair of eye protection, and 600 rounds of 0.20g BB's.

One rental agreement must be signed by the player as well as the players parent or legal guarding if the player is under the age of 18.

If a player is renting a gun it is that player's responsibility to treat the rental with respect and not damage it in any way shape or form. In the event that major damage occurs the renter or parent / legal guardian will be responsible for to either purchase the rental or pay for the repair costs, including but not limited to parts and labor.

If a player is caught abusing a rental in any way, shape, or form, the rental agreement will be terminated immediately and NO refund will be provided.


Here are some tips for caring for the rental.

1.) Using airsoft ammo not purchased from Airsoft Ballistics is considered not acceptable.

2.) Do not abuse the rental. Dropping the rental on the ground for example is considered not acceptable.

3.) Using the rental gun in the staging area or outside of actual game play is considered not acceptable.

4.) Holding on full auto for more then 5 seconds is considered not acceptable.