Airsoft Ballistics Event Field / Game Rules

Airsoft Ballistics Event Field / Game Rules
ATTENTION Please: Because we care about all our great airsofters we want to continue to arrange airsoft games, fresh air, exercise, and shooting each other are great stress relievers! However considering the current COVID-19 situation everyone's health and safety is our primary concern. Therefore we are implementing these changes to our games: Please remain at least six feet apart from each other at the meeting location. When arriving at the staging area we would like to adhere to our Presidents suggestion of no more then ten people at a gathering so please be sure not to park or hang out to close to others. We want to encourage and participate the social distancing of six feet or more when in the staging area. We encourage players not to share guns, ammo, magazines, or etc. without proper disinfectant or gloves. Any items we bring to the field to supply players with will be properly disinfected. We will also provide a garbage bag for all trash, used gloves, and etc. so that we may leave the field as clean as we found it.

As the backbone of the quad cities airsoft community we take our responsibility very seriously and we want the local games and activities to continue long after this virus has become a footnote in history.

To our players that choose not to join us, please know that we miss you all and we will continue to practice our aim so we won't miss you at future games!

To our players that choose to join the fun, please be aware of yourself and your surroundings when in the meeting location, the staging area, and as well as on the playing field.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support throughout the years we have been in business and we look forward to building a great future together.

Airsoft Ballistics Event Field / Game Rules

Please remember that Airsoft Ballistics events are family friendly and everyone is expected to play with honor and maturity.

1.) STAGING AREA: The staging area is a no eye pro zone; therefore no one should be shooting in the staging area, toward the staging area, or through the staging area.

2.) HONOR: A very important rule in airsoft is to play with honor. Remember without honor airsoft games are pointless and no fun. Good sportsmanship is a must.

3.) SAFETY: Eye protection is required at all times when on the airsoft field. Airsoft Ballistics does not require but does recommend having a players, ears, nose, mouth, and neck protected at all times.

4.) REAL WEAPONS: Real weapons of any kind (including knives) are NOT allowed; if you brought them please leave them in your car.

5.) DEAD MEN DON'T SPEAK: If you are KIA don't talk to anyone, don't point out or giveaway other players positions, don't respond to radio chatter, don't talk about the game, the weather, or etc. and follow the proper protocal.

6.) RED KILL RAG: A red kill rag is required, this also means that players are not allowed to wear anything on the field that is the color red (with the exception of any red team coloring).

7.) FRIENDLY FIRE: Friendly fire counts. If you are hit in a kill zone then you are out regardless of who shot you. Airsoft Ballistics highly recommends identifying your target before pulling the trigger.

8.) KIA ZONES: When you are hit with a BB from the waist up you are KIA. Arms and legs don't count unless they are in front of your upper body. Kill zones include ALL gear, vests, backpacks, helmets, weapons, and etc.

9.) WHEN HIT: When hit with a BB in a kill zone the player should yell "HIT" or "OUT" and pull out your red kill rag immediately. Remember most of the time the player shooting can't hear the other player coll out so it is important to display your red kill rag ASAP. Also please remember that getting shot when you are already out is going to happen, if that is something you can't handle then DON'T play.

10.) DISPUTES: If there are any disputes they should be resolved in a sportsman like manner. Airsoft Ballistics does not tolerate players cussing or insulting each other.

11.) BLIND MAN: When a player hears another player yell "blind man" that player should in turn yell "blind man" in order to echo it throughout the field, this immediately puts the game on pause. The blind man rule covers all of the following. A.) If at any time any law enforcement officer of ANY kind shows up, please yell "blind man" and be sure to put your airsoft guns down on the ground and do NOT pose yourself as a threat in any way, shape, or form.

B.) If at any time any player gets hurt or needs assistance please call "blind man".

C.) If at any time any civilian or non-combatant of any kind shows up please call "blind man".

D.) When "blind man" is called the player nearest the reason why it was called also needs to yell "team Airsoft Ballistics" so that a team admin can come and assess the situation.

E.) When the situation has been cleared a player will yell "game on", other players please yell "game on" so that echoes throughout the field and everyone can resume the scenario.

12.) DRUGS / ALCOHOL: Illegal drugs and alcohol are NOT allowed and will NOT be tolerated.

13.) DISTRACTIONS: When in the field in play the throwing of items to make noise and distract other players is NOT allowed. This rule does not include Thunder B's, smoke grenades, and etc.

14.) SMOKE GRENADES: Cold burn smoke grenades are allowed. The user is required to provide their own fire over watch as well as retrieval of any remains so as not to litter the field.

15.) THUNDER B's: Thunder B's will have a minimum 10 foot circular kill zone blast radius. The user is required to retrieve any remains so as not to litter the field.

16.) DISTANCES of ENGAGEMENT: Distances of engagement are for every players safety. If a player finds themselves within the call out safety distance of another player then that player should NOT shoot the other but instead have the other player "dead to rights" in their gun sight and yell "BANG YOUR OUT". Distances of engagement are measured with 0.20g BB's and are as follows.

A.) For any airsoft gun shooting below 300 FPS there is a 5 to 10 foot "BANG" call out safety distance.

B.) For any airsoft gun shooting 300 to 400 FPS there is a 15 to 20 foot "BANG" call out safety distance.

C.) For any airsoft gun shooting 400 to 450 FPS there is a 25 to 35 foot "BANG" call out safety distance.

D.) For any airsoft gun shooting 450+ FPS there is a 35 to 45 foot "BANG" call out safety distance.